Don't Piss On Me, I'm Already Dead

by Crywank



'Don't Piss On Me, I'm Already Dead' is Crywank's fourth album and their first studio album.


released July 20, 2016

James Clayton: Vocals, Guitar, Other...
Dan Watson: Percussion, Drums, Backing Vocals, Other...
Tom Connolly: Bass, Backing Vocals, Guitar (track 5), Other...

Recorded and Produced by Joe Clayton

Artwork by Dan Watson & James Clayton. Design by Sulaiman Butt


all rights reserved



Crywank Manchester, UK

Crywank are a Manchester based anti-folk band. They mostly write sad songs and have been told they are the worst named band in the country.


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Track Name: Forlorn Leghorn
The memories that bond us are not always found in fondness
and sometimes when we reminisce, it's the nuisance that we miss.

Well look at me now, I am a dullard.
Not much to say, not much to ask.
Much time has passed and I'm doing the same,
staying indoors playing video games.
I'm on a website, I'm watching TV.
Dystopian sci-fi live life through a screen.
I am numb to the point of no return.
I work for this life style with what I earn.
One meal a day, one cup of coffee
One pack of biscuits, one pouch of bacci.
One drink after work, one bag of weed,
Two choccy B's, rent, bills, repeat.

It sad to think of what I prioritize when I list what I consume to try and stay alive,
When I list the fruits of my labour, when labour is most of my life.

Sit and dwell, deconstruct teenage hippy dreams...
and now you dream of wearing a suit to work? you suck!
Track Name: Squeezing The Damp Tea Towel To It's Final Few Drips
Many moons of moping over changes I won't make
My motor mouth runs from fear of making more mistakes
Implicate myself through false guilt and voice breaks
Jilted speech, inspecting feet, waiting for an answer you are
but me sway silently staring into space, safe place, headspace
hardly, cerebral argie-bargie
contemplating harder than when you're sat alone at a party
maybe not, come happen these knots

Many tangents gallop, maggot dragon dripping in smegma
Fragments of stagnant talent, the advent of forgetting passion
pageant queen come happen a magnet, drift baggage
find only a planet of absence

Abscess on your gadget or garment
More substance in silence
Remind me not to write again
Track Name: There All Is Aching
Waking panic soon drifts out, I inhale the teapots
My shit impending doom, impending blaze dazed and con-
Into my seat retreat, from fears and procrastinate

Bubbling up inside, find a way to calm my
Is set on dark, roll and blaze, make me happy staring straight
Dazed for days.
I return to sober states, just to face my comeuppance
All my failures in abundance
Lazy oaf lazily blames a substance
Asif my pain makes this my reluctant indulgence
I am full of shit is my first utterance
Track Name: I Am In Great Pain, Please Help Me
Floundering attempts at making some sort of sense
Striving for significance - In a universe that will not give a shit
The myth of Sisyphus
Authenticity is important, but I'm not sure who I am anymore
I'm at the point now where I'm also doubting who I was before
The arbitrary nature of thought leaves me alone and paranoid
Synonyms for a void

Nobody belongs, time brings invalidation.
Find selfish solace in mutual trepidation

The absurd condition of human existence - a struggle to embrace
I do not get the point that I am supposed to miss
The passive submission or preferred resistance - just give me breathing space
The meaning I used to find - overanalyzed, displaced.
Dispense your goals and actions into something trivial
Pick apart pointless projects, my brain sings with vitriol
I don't reflect, I destroy with thinking
The examined life is not worth living

Look at my sad life in detail and you'll see it is a comedy
Sometimes I wish I was a goat
Track Name: Love
When we first met we always wanted to have sex
but now we just watch DVD boxsets
wasting time together, so that we're not alone.
When I say I love you I really mean "Don't leave me"
As long as you stay I don't care if you believe me
Let's deal with this companionship just to make things easy

Don't really know you
Only what you've shown me
Just let me own you
And you can own me
This is nothing more than a love affair with ourselves
Stick around for the sake of my mental health

We can pretend like we're happy, pretend like it's good
and other can envy our boundless love
we will laugh because we tricked them
we will laugh because we suck
endorphins are fading the rush has died down
and convenience and loneliness keeps both of us around
we will turn off our brains when the other makes a sound

World sees us as a pair
I don't really care
but you're my status
So I will keep you there
We'd run away for someone more attractive in our lives
but in the meantime we'll decorate each others sides

Love is fucking stupid and I hate you
Track Name: A Deer Mistaking Candles For Headlights
You can call me a coward and you'd be correct
oh my neck is safely off the line
now I'm keeping my mouth shut until this is over
Why bother speaking my mind?
You can call me a liar and that would be true
though I do disagree, I don't challenge you
I am docile and lazy, I show no respect
You can call me a coward and you'd be correct

Does the blank stare scare you more than the frown?
Am I the reason you feel down?
Distant but rational, bringer of rage
to get to a level where I will engage
I am a tentacle, incapacitated obstacle
I am obsolete and apathetic, thoughtlessly apologetic

Watch my actions, or lack thereof
Negate the person, I said I was.

You could call me a Phony and I would agree
Oh I see the many versions of me that I perform
Moulded to suit
I know the real me just convolutes

You see who I am and that's scares me
You see who I am and that's scary
Track Name: Me Me Me (Boo Hoo)
Destined to stay awake too long to contemplate where I've gone wrong
I try to formulate a song to make some good out of bad
The words I write they seem contrived, ashamed to share my cheesy lines
I scrunch the scrap a waste of time, a waste of thoughts in my head
the sets of songs that I forgot where all about my writers block
and all that's left to express is i've not got much to express

Self obsessed and hypercritical
Self abasing when over analytical
Self-righteous but apolitical
I express myself and little else

I waste the day, I waste the evening, combing through words try to find meaning
It's just self-involved struggles with feelings, where do I go from that?
Each line written is lazy and boisterous, hard not to see my endeavours as pointless
Approach a project frustrated and joyless, get surprised when it's bad
but there is a truth that I've been evading, I mostly make things so you think I'm creative
I'm so shallow you see, that I have to build up a sense of identity

Self obsessed and hypercritical
Self abasing when over analytical
Self-righteous but apolitical
I express myself and little else
Track Name: Hate
All my time spent chasing distractions
Please don't leave me alone with my thoughts
Desperate for human interactions
deflect the pain of life the pain of loss

I get wistful and tearful when I stop in my tracks
I get angry and ashamed when I remember who I am
My lonely behaviour undignified
I get scared of the nothing when I look inside

The world seems too vicious when I think of conditions
Incapable of inhibitions
Myself included with grounded expectations
What use is reason when we lose it with our patience

Oh my rarer find, I don't like where my thoughts go where there's just me on my mind
Oh my troubled cure, I've also thought of the feeling of choking on your own sick before
Track Name: Your Own Worst Enemy Critic
You make me feel like what I do is important
The pressure of a compliment
I am humbled and bemused
Ill fitting in these shoes
You choose what you choose.

Let's all take a step back now
and focus on the luck that comes with praise
a turn of phrase that changed your life
you misconstrued the very line
and that's fine
There's more beauty in what is usually ignored
I must be boring if I'm bored
Track Name: Self(ish)
Your partner is a lawn gnome
Who lives online, and I know
I'm quite inclined to stay home
Call the outside an arsehole
You barter well but polychrome light shines on my face
The outdoors is grey
You'll find I'm resigned, a shameful display
"Hey Kid, get a life" I do at times

But from me you know you'll get no adventure
It's safe to say...

I'm selfish in my pursuits
all I work for constitutes
as forced pats on the back
and acknowledging that I can't fight the fact
That I think I won't get any better
Can't defend someone who never learns their lessons
and in my condescending point of view, I blame you

Thoughtless statements now too late to retract
Now eat your humble pie off of the floor with your hands behind your back
Track Name: Baby Self-Absorbed
Baby wrote a song but baby brought no bread
Baby needs drugs, baby got to be fed
Baby cry now. baby stays in bed
Baby don't talk back, soft baby head

Baby self-absorbed, it's a guilt trip to know me.

Baby thinks most think baby is a joke
crybaby as they're laughing at me
Maybe baby hopes one day baby grows
and maybe baby can be more than baby thinks baby can be.
Track Name: Falling Down A Hole
I remember nineteen, saying this is the point where you stop.
The journey the destination, not expanded epilogue.
Vocal manifestos, come fingertip convictions.
Introduce my future self, a living contradiction.

Oh no... I'm falling down a hole

Now I'm Jar Jar Binks, I don't give a fucking shit!
Split myself into three parts with a pay to play mechanic.
Now I'm a punk band from the sticks, anticapitalist
Big break! Big tour sponsored by energy drinks.

Oh no... I'm falling down a hole

Now I'm writing songs for the sake of it
This ones for all you disenfranchised kids

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