Wearing Beige On A Grey Day

by Crywank



Crywanks sixth album and third studio album ‘Wearing Beige On A Grey Day’ was recorded in January 2019 in Manchester. It is a collection of songs, some of which were never intended to be released.


released March 14, 2019

All songs written by Crywank
Lyrics, Vocals & Melodies: James Clayton
Percussion & backing vocals: Daniel Watson
Recorded by Joe Clayton
Additional Guitar and Bass on tracks 2,4,5,6 by Joe Clayton
Brass on tracks 2 & 6 by Joe Tatton
Vocals on ‘Blood’ by Julia Noel
Guitar solo on ‘Poured Boy...’ by A Cowboy/ Gentle Ben/ Ben Moran Healy


all rights reserved



Crywank Manchester, UK

Crywank are a Manchester based anti-folk band. They mostly write sad songs and have been told they are the worst named band in the country.


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Track Name: I’ll Have Some In A Bit
I plate it up then put it down
I doubt that I will ever even eat this food
The process it made me less hungry
And soon I get distracted
Distorted scale of importance
I live, I live, but I do not survive so well
Food and sleep are never prioritised by me

There’s jokes about my tired eyes
My stomach starts to sing
A manic public episode and then I start to think
“Is this an inevitability stemming from my broken head,
Or have I just not spelt and eaten again?”

So I stay up ‘cos I can’t sleep
I say, but really I’m just reading and watching and communicating with people in a language that I think is flawed
Next thing I know it gets too late
I think of all I must do the next day
And so I opt to stay awake and I start drinking coffee

Now I know I need to eat and so I go inside a shop
But the food is not appealing and the choice there is a lot
I pace around and panic buy nothing and leave
I tell my friends I’ve eaten when they ask me
Track Name: JK
Yes, I know, I think I am a joke, I know I am a joke, I am a joke somewhere
But I don’t really care, well maybe I do care, but if they know that I care they will tell more jokes about me
Yes, I know, I’m easily provoked, I try to play it placid but I just can’t take a joke
I guess that’s the part that funny, I guess I’m a real dummy, as I cannot hide my upset , I run crying home to mummy
“Mummy, mummy, mummy! Why are they so cruel?
Why do they all laugh at me when I go to school?
And when I get a job? And when I leave home? And when I start a family? And even when I’m dead?”
Mummy said “poor sweetie what do they say?
After they make a joke do they say JK?”
I said “no” she said “oh! That’s really bad, I always say JK after having a laugh”
“Mummy mummy mummy! What do we do?”
She said “first thing tomorrow we take you out of school,
You don’t have to get a job to start a family would be cruel
It is such a pain to have to be related to you”
And then I waited.... and I waited... and I waited all day
But mummy never went on to say JK
Track Name: The Poured Boy of Kutná Hora
Dan was singing about 10,000 crustations
And Meis was crying and we did not know why
How we hope she is alright, we passed a cross in the dark
It was lit up, and so where the pavements
The parts in the darkness, which are chosen to remain illuminated.

Maybe now we have done what we said we would do, you can choose the local tradition and make artful toilets. Some say the best art is often used.

I take it two tiles at a time
Paying close attention to my feet and to my pace and to the extra cracks
I’ve played this game for such a long time
Maybe I should I look up, maybe things are looking up
Maybe I can step in the cracks
Oh but where is the run in that?

“Should I jump and stop breathing?
I’ve thought of more complicated ways to die” you said
And I wrote down what you said on my phone
Once again dan pretends a plastic bag is something else.

Poured poured boy.
Track Name: Blood
The blood, it will not dry
Oh the blood it will not dry
So instead we are trained to just roll our eyes

This is not a call for guilt
This is just a request for respect
The blood may not be on our hands
But we sleep in their beds
Oh we sleep in their beds

We are told not to live in the past
But some things must not be forgotten
We can outlast, but what’s done is cast
And privileges are ill-gotten.
Track Name: Doubt
Well I’m well aware of what isn’t there
Do you have a choice? Not yet found a voice to answer that with.
Well if I could identify with anything it would be doubt
Let’s give a name to my everything, let’s call it doubt
Any other name I accept it will soon feel like performance
Only the doubt is enormous
A doubt by any other name I doubt
I doubt the words spilling out my mouth
I doubt I care, I doubt I don’t care, I doubt
And now I don’t think I’ll reaxh a point where the questions end
There’s always another, but sometimes we pretend that we have the answers
Yeah we’re just a bunch of chancers
I am doubtful I am doubtful I am doubt
Track Name: Drippy Droopy Pigeonhole
I slice myself up and put the pieces behind a desk, and try to start a conversation
But soon enough what they choose to discuss is the blame of subjegation
I wither and dither through my days
To stutter and shake myself to sleep
Procrastinate all maintenance
I ooze I wait I weep

Oh my brain my body my soul, all have very shiny nose
Shamed for lack of self control, drippy droopy pigeonhole
My body screams through its twitches “you push me but you are reliant”
My body says to my soul, “are you title role?”
My soul stays silent
My body says to my brain
“ Iam sure that you hate me”
My body says to my brain
“Why’d you try and break me?”
My body says to my brain
“Each day you fail me”
My brain says to my body
Track Name: It Was A Swift Not A Swallow (I Never Listen)
Don’t tell me I’m the one
I wouldn’t want to be the one
I wouldn’t want to know
Yeah there’s context of course
These are temporary thoughts
I think one day they’ll go.
Yes I know I love you but as time goes on I think we’ll both get hurt
And we keep clinging on whilst we treat each other like we don’t deserve

When we met you gave me a necklace of a bird you said didn’t have a home
I can’t remember for sure but I think it was a type of swallow
Sometimes I think we both knew from start that this was doomed
Please know my love I treasure all the time I spent with you

And truth be told I’m so unsure if I should even walk away
But I keep clinging on whilst knowing that I treat you worse everyday
I am distant in mind and I am distant in body
Even with me by your side you’ll be inevitably lonely

And of one thing I’m sure it’s that you deserve more
I am selfish and distracted, some weeks barely interacted
I am difficult and late
I do not save the date
I have myself prioritised
I ask your help and time
I so rarely give you mine

When we met you gave me a necklace of a bird you said didn’t have a home
I can’t remember for sure but I think it was a type of swallow
Sometimes I think we both knew from start that this was doomed
Please know my love I treasure all the time I spent with you

And now I feel like such a fool for this to be what I choose
As if you weren’t enough
Because I can say that I’ve never felt as love
I can’t apologize more for my absence of emotion
I know this song I write for you is just a selfish token

Although there’s pain in the end
I would love to remain your friend
Break the past and make amends
And learn to love you again in a new way
Track Name: All My Political And Spiritual Beliefs In Less Than One Minute
If they can make money from from violence
Then there will always be war
And if they can make money from disease
Then they’ll never find a cure
If they can profit from pain
Then they will fuck with our brains
At this point now I think only a god could save us

Good job I am god
Good job you are god
Good job we are god
God god god god god

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