Shameless Money Grab

by Crywank



My shoes fell apart and me and Dan ran out of money at the end of our tour. So we are chilling with friends in Glasgow and trying to raise money to get back down to England/ not leech off our friends for food and tobacco etc So we recorded this with the help of our friend Kim in the stairwell of their building this afternoon in the hope that you would be interested in purchasing it. £$£$£$£$£ \m/

This release will be online for 2 days then taken down.
Although it may reappear in some form at some point.
but for now.... 2 days.
Thank you for reading!
- JAmes


released June 5, 2018

Crywank - music
Kim - recording and help
tracks 1-3 james lyrics, track 4 dan lyrics


all rights reserved



Crywank Manchester, UK

Crywank are a Manchester based anti-folk band. They mostly write sad songs and have been told they are the worst named band in the country.


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Track Name: Blood
The blood it will not dry
The blood it will not dry
So instead we are trained
To just roll our eyes
This is not a call for guilt
It's just a request for respect
The blood may not be on your hands
but we sleep in their beds
We are told not to live in the past
but somethings must not be forgotten
We can outlast, but what's done is cast
and privileges are ill-gotten
Track Name: I'll Have Something In A Bit
I plate it up then wait around
I doubt I will ever even eat this food
The process it made me less hungry
and soon I get distracted
Distorted scale of importance
I live, I live but I do not survive so well
food and sleep are never prioritized by me

Jokes about my tired eyes
My stomach starts to sing
a manic public episode
and then i start to think
is it an inevitability
stemming from my broken head
or have i just not slept and eaten again

So I stay up unable to sleep; i say, but really I'm just reading and typing and communicating with people in a language that i think is flawed.
Next thing I know it gets too late, I think of all I must do the next day and so i opt to stay awake and i start drinking coffee.

Now i know i need to eat so I go into a shop but the food is not appealing and the choice there is a lot. I pace around and panic, buy nothing and leave. I tell my friends I've eaten when they ask me.
Track Name: Cat Food
Your house filled with gone off food
so rarely touched be me or you
a meal is just a snack in bed
in your house only the cat is fed

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