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Egg on face. Foot in mouth. Wriggling Wriggling Wriggling.

by Crywank

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KaneSeatHeadrest thumbnail
KaneSeatHeadrest Everything they do is incredible. I thought Everyday is Nearly The Same was the peak of their career til a few months ago when I I a deep dive into their catalog and damn. I bought the entire discography discount special because their isn't a bad album of the bunch. this one in particular is unique cuz I think they depart a bit from the sad boi songwriting(not completely) but go out of and try some Tupperware writing. like a song about Barbie being problematic in essay format. genius. Favorite track: An Academics Lament On Barbie.
ButtMasterSexy thumbnail
ButtMasterSexy Ears like this Favorite track: When You Eat Yourself, First Start With Your Head Up Your Arse.
maxiemom thumbnail
maxiemom the embodiment of crywank as an album 10/10 Favorite track: Story of the Lizard and the Sock.
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The choice between attack or to apologize I find contrived white lies so no more anger will arise This harmony isn't mutual but maybe I am condescending allowing qualms that cause alarm to all remain unmentioned I try and calm you down I just coax you into smoking so you can share my numbness and assume I'm only joking when I sass you with a smile, I see you didn't notice the quiver in my voice, the fact my bow is broken I had a nosebleed when I woke up then I didn't go to work I find my problems are all first world but still I'm feeling hurt well seasoned perspective it makes me hate myself I can complain of my sadness but I have more than someone else Am I just a spoiled brat who taught themselves how to cry, who's so preconditioned now all their emotions are a lie? I close my eyes and look inside, no surprise I find nothing It's people who shape each other and people are disgusting 'At least' isn't helping.
I will often hold the doubt that I'm the bad one accused of playing a victim of your love I can call this home but it isn't where my heart is Do I paint you as a demon out of shit and blood? You know I am trying hard, you act like this is effortless. You know it's hard when you call your limbs the things we mutually bought I find emotive scales exciting and frightening all my emotive scales contract viruses of thought I have chosen this lonely freedom let's hope it works out for the both of us I'm a sorry sap forever stunted ox, confirmed your flabbergasted film speech, find the words that hurt you tell me I was born broken, that I don't know how to love you know I think I do agree, and that's why I've had enough
Orange binge come carriages sky high ask why! No whinge. Carriage kite fly by. Can't bite? try! lozenge and quince. Jelly hair wash with my head in the sink lemon on my toe, aloe vera in my drink raspy berry lisps heavy wispy hair forget me dance with a new cherry a very cleverly constructed fuck up still spill from the sippy cup free will for shitty nugs can't relate to bugs they excel, live well their bodies are a superfood that's rude, carnivore come through can or can't, will or won't do oh I'm an old woman find me a shoe to live inside be a bad wife laces untied, sipping on wine brandy is fine feeling divine more shit to dine more bits to try so I left you to fuck a hole I dug in the earth all covered in muck and dirt, to be happier oh but unhappy her, if she saw me performing the ground warms like a warning the worms they be absolving with what once was revolving and so I left you to gyrate on a mound a mole left behind as they left their life and I contemplate on the ground as a push myself down what I rub against me used to be your house So I bathe myself in a bath of scum, I found it fun covering clean in the sticky obscene awake from a dream did a nightmare just turn you on? It's hard not to feel wrong It's hard not to feel wronged.
Woodchuck 02:33
How much wood could I chuck if I gave a flying fuck about chucking bits of wood? I wonder if I would, or would I just do the same and say it's what I do when I don't do it everyday? Just take the process as my name and now I feel ashamed When I say it's what I am I am lying to your face! I'd like to say I'm what I love but if I loved chucking wood, I don't think that I would chuck enough. Oh if Peter Piper picks a peck of pickled peppers, does Peter pick them forever? and does the pepper picking really define our Peter Piper? Now would I still be a Woodchuck if like Peter I picked peppers but I chucked wood when I could and should I give a flying fuck if you see a pepper picker or you see a woodchuck? It'd be nice to be defined by what we love but I don't think that we think that we're good enough We're all imposters who've been riding on luck, posturing until the day that we're eventually shown up Pray tell the shadows of what we project to be affixed to us A pessimistic pest exists amidst us Face fears they find out your fakery I think you are where you deserve to be When definition wields weight over you Know rational people feel like they're faking it too
Who Am I???1 00:56
Who am I? Do my genetics decide? Am I a predetermined piece of shit, or is that just what transpired? Well I'm bolstered by the transience of identity. Don't tell me who I am. I am nothing and so are you, and that's good it's like when I speak of I, I speak of you. It's hard not to when you're just a character within other peoples lives. Who am I?
Sometimes I'm scared that I'll offend half of my friends The other half consider me easily offended Don't even speak up as much as I'd like on things we consider wrong or right I dream of long unfiltered nights filled with babbling rambling babbling rambling critically I can see why what was said was worse than worst thought personally I do not think we are as bad as we thought Identity is not infallible, we are not defined by our worst moments We've all done things we're not proud of, lived through things we would not have chosen each of us is judgemental and fake, and sticky and sweaty and smelly and each of us is plagued by horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible thoughts by horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible thoughts nearly every day I'm not saying that we're the same just that we're the same in many ways much less than six degrees of separation we all woke this same day
Dwell on what's said So much that could be misread What's implied by the well-wisher who says it's all in your head? Am I a failure or am I presumptuous? We fail in response to assumptions.
Sometimes I'm the moralist Sometimes I'm the apologist Sometimes I just can't resist Egg on my face. Egg on my face Is this here what I believe Or how I want to be perceived My politics may seem naive because they're better than me and so I think of the anarchist who knows just what to say but their actions give way to different things and objectivist, a difficult tryst, a good way I think to hate yourself more everyday People their actions concede so often to be against their own beliefs yeah I wish, I wish I was pure, a perfect example but I will always be the hypocrite I be not worthy to hold a candle Holden Caulfield is so cool LOL
In my notebook I find a line about insalubrious past times a word I've never said before in my life Can I define myself with words I fail to use? Surely there's more that I can convey if I choose to use the works I actually say Thoughtless people perfect the art, of trying to come across as smart
Google have been tracing my footsteps, mining my movement for data they own my wealth of information I let them I ticked a box so now I'm a Guy Fawkes mask on a soapbox feeling highly unorthodox But see I see centrifugal politics , OC says he's a centrist I can't resist, politics is a fart in the wind slap my thigh call me messy sweaty petty silly sausage psychedelic Bolsheviks gets brought up and again we get caught up, forget the point roll another joint, "I'm sure it'll hit me when the weed does" Was it Bernays, Bayer, how I think I'm a soothsayer but simply lost in a forest of fine toothcombs come roaming-cum-rambling bumping into many others often on drugs, free hugs, roll dilated eyes and then discuss when ideology feels like gambling I'm a mug can't commit to nothing really but I think that's what they'd want we agree smoke weed and then we move on we where only there for the parts we heard ourselves say anyway Don't be evil ooglie-booglie-googlie-booglie
Chomsky-Honk 01:04
The focus must be on the opposition of sides rather than the discontent that has us unified manufacturing consent manufacturing dissent a subculture will do me fine gift-wrap the enemies for us to fight
Goku Is Cool 01:41
Ripened eyes, I'm fuelled by fear of being disliked question why? I should not care I know most of the time Harmony, I think it has been deceiving me. Question why I would want others to be please by me. I can stand up but baby bird beats Into my chest, pulse in my feet I can recite, stand and deliver did you notice the quivering finger? I wanna be, wanna be the guy I'm an OP getting it right how's it reflect, make me seem nice? hypocrite poser, white knight and I think a consciousness of how I'm perceived is causing inactivity wrestle with doubt and inauthenticity how can anything guiltless ever come from me?
My body is a temple built by followers who think their god is a joke A shrine to poor design Planned obsolescence as a punchline
Look away from reality as long as I can Now I pray for ignorance Keep decay on a backburner Force me bliss period Oh shitty me, pity us for the nothing that I have done What I have poorly maintained I am now too scared to face
Eat Hors'dourves with my boy Frankie Make up genres with Louise Dream of jobs as music journos rewrite their new press release act like heroes of the scene you still booked Anti-nowhere league Old men write songs bashing queers they'll still get booked the next ten years Oh joy oh glee bet they have fun can't wait to see them at rebellion Aesthetics of the radical translated with yr mouthful til it becomes illegible lets make sure it's sellable Billy loves the working class I bet that makes his housemaid laugh takes us for a bunch of patsys lets pat his back 'cos he hates Nazis the shape of punk to come six figure sum
I'm just jealous I'm just mad but can you really queer Kerrang!? I'm sure I'd say different if I was fan but I'm not. Don't want to be bitter I want to be better But that word I seem to repeat forever Do I want to be nice or do I want to be clever? **you're neither** Well I see the same stories all unfold hypercritical hypocrite I'm often told, and I know This green little monster should be happy for their friends but I disagree with how we measure success I know if you speak up people feel attacked criticisms you give they'll want to give right back I know the trouble is not worse the fuss a critique of punk from someone not punk enough And now the scene seems imaginary based on print based pageantry a movement reduced to aesthetic the scenes still rooted in ethics You can use what terms you like but it's implied the point you missed it Sure use it as your name but it sure isn't descriptive
Like a flip flop feminists relationship with Barbie Hardly the unsung perfectionist, perhaps white supremacist or Is this over analysis of plastic? a fanatic franticly forge five thousand words on the relevance a d development of marketing to girls and the harshness of the world, against all odds she worked 130 jobs but still thrilled mostly by the presence of heartthrobs unaffected by patriarchy or recessions, but soon it must be questioned does the doll face only represent what first is projected grammar and spellcheck, half these points make no sense the deadlines days away and their conclusions a conflicted mess so how did molded plastic become so problematic where negi readings are dramatic but posis over-romantic and maybe Barbie would rather be a gnarly dirty harpy tattoos drawn on with sharpie, kissing girls at a party a figure once seen as pristine whilst preserved in a box most barbies end up naked and limbless with their hair shaved off perhaps it should be mentioned that Barbie would be sectioned having weigh-ins everyday for what others call perfection you can say she's just a doll so what does their size really mean 60s slumber party Barbie still read books saying don't eat perhaps an ever-changing icon reflecting female progress perhaps a shallow feminism focused on individual success and now we are over the word count got to edit down whats written with no conclusion found out tangled and confused and now scared of being misread wishing they'd done GI Joe male violence and conscription instead exhausting approaches Barbies subtext seems absent a one dimensional character with endless multifacets time is nearly up they must be pragmatic conclusion: the most human thing about Barbie is the fact she's problematic after quick and heavy editing self-fladulation for a cop-out ending in time they hand their essay in they forgot their referencing You have failed you degree £27,000 down the drain ask youself was it worthit what did you learn about barbie
Fuck You Dan 00:44
As hope seems to be fading my friends they turn to magic Hopeless is my life-force, I bask in all that is tragic no spell can save me now for I do not want to be saved I manifest my enemies, will I manifest an early grave?
It's the public and permanent nature that I so often forget no thought before I express to share with more than I know the recesses of my head or the drama I tempt I know I act on impulse now and all I say then forms perceived identity in the terms of what you see most of me and this I can not undo. Fuck me entropy Shit that lines my mind for all I did not think that I should hide To voids I now confide these bad impressions amplified A sad truth, when I'm alone I turn straight to you to reinforce refractions of what we all do I need something to distract me when there's no one around and you can always keep scrolling down. When did I accept this as a constant? I guess this is not the platform for oversharers who choose to stay indoors who do not think before perhaps it's best to choose to be ignored Now an unsure self-saboteur the life outside my mind is just a game so lets see the many ways I can squirm And then there's those who see the fool I make but they choose not to speak thee scale I chose for every misstep to bury deep Well I guess this is just the futures vision a new feature of the human condition a callous realm to share suppositions project yourself to learn your position opt out to be met with suspicion privacy is no longer tradition nancy drew starts her inquisition must find your definition I am good and bad and I am bad at that
Pr8y Boi 01:40
Feeling like a bird in a cage "Who's a pretty boy? Who's a Pretty Boy?" Left with only myself to reflect on Myself to enjoy Myself to destroy Ask the mirror to stop reflecting back but I am a bird I can not speak, can only repeat "Who's a pretty boy? Who's a pretty boy?"
Well I'm your roll on deodorant honey put me under your arm I'm not stingy like a jellyfish so I won't do you no harm Well I'm your roll on deodorant baby I'm specialist goo you can buy me from a superstore and roll me all over you Well I'm your roll on deodorant hubby I'm like a small bald man I'm an antiperspirant that does not come in a can Well I'm your roll on deodorant darling and I smell artificial I'm a dangerous nuclear weapon, I'm a super fragrant missile I spent 3 weeks in a factory and 4 days on a shelf and now I'm on your dresser for the foreseeable future Well I'm your roll on deodorant sexy silky fine to the touch soft and squishy like a teddy bear or a reservoir of pus Well I'm your roll on deodorant poo poo kestrel for a knave I'm a never-ending worm squiggling through a rave I spent 3 days in a factory and 4 weeks on a shelf and now I'm on your dresser for the foreseeable future Well I'm your roll on deodorant pal and I'm all inclusive I've got full control of your mind but I promise I won't abuse it Yeah I got you a present, can you guess it? it's me! I'm roll on deodorant and I'm gonna roll all over your body ?????? Factory ???????Shelf ??????????????? Foreseeable future
I did not know what it would do I hid a lizard inside your room I came in at night and I snuck it in your sock draw It had buggy little eyes and funny little claws When I woke up in the morning I heard a big scream Did you find the lizard or was it a scary dream? There was a rumbling in your sock draw as you where waking up and you said "lizards and socks they should never lay together" but the lizard said "this is forever"# oh lizard you fool how could a sock ever love you back? "I feel it" said the lizard "and that's that" Well what else could I say? the lizard and the sock they got married that same day when the ceremony started we erupted with laughter but the lizard and sock they lived happily ever after


A Mishmash of Wishywashy.


released December 21, 2017

Vocals & Guitar: James Clayton
Percussion & Vocals: Daniel Watson

Recording, Production & Mastering: Joe Clayton
Additional Vocals: Ric Von Long

Artwork: Dan Watson
Image Co-ordination: Kim Grant


all rights reserved



Crywank Manchester, UK

Crywank are a UK based anti-folk band. They formed in Manchester. Jay is from Barnsley, Dan is from Darwen. They mostly write sad songs and have been told they are the worst named band in the country.


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